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The team at Pioneer Technology connects providers with clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations. We have a large network of clinics, providers and consultants through the process of seeing patients online.

We have coverage for Telemed Physicians for lab work orders, DME consults, non-emergent consultations and specialty encounters. We comprise a network of physicians in all the 50 states and do the credentialing and carry mal-practice.

If you work at a facility that requires cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you!
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If you are a provider looking to practice online health care through telehealth, we are here to explain the laws and details of Technology. If you are unsure about where to start, Pioneer Telemedicine would love to help you!

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Your Virtual Healthcare Staffing Solution

If you work at a facility that needs cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you. We comprise a large network of clients and providers across the country.

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We staff licensed and credentialed medical providers across specialties.
If you would like to accrue benefits of staffing Telemedicine providers, get in touch with us today!

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Telemedicine as the Solution for the Physician Shortage

Depending on who you ask, by the year 2030, this country could have a physician shortage of anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 qualified physicians to serve the needs of American citizens. A big part of this shortage is attributable to the fact that the American...

The Benefits of Telemedicine in the Long-Term Care Setting

More than 75% of all Americans who are above the age of 65 are obliged to live with multiple chronic medical conditions, and as a result, in excess of 90% of all Medicare fee-for-service spending is allocated toward these patients who have two or more chronic medical...

The Benefits of Telemedicine During a Natural Disaster

There are certain characteristics of telemedicine which make it ideal for providing healthcare services to patients in unusual circumstances. One of the more obvious situations like this is in remote settings of underdeveloped countries, where medical care is...

Telemedicine and the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

The similarity in names of these two government-sponsored health programs has always led to a certain amount of confusion about which is which, what’s covered under each of the two programs, and who is eligible for each of them. The point of similarity began with the...

How do mHealth and Telemedicine Work Together?

There is a definite connection between mHealth and telemedicine, in that both areas involve the use of technology to provide health care services to individuals, in settings other than the traditional doctor’s office. In the case of mHealth, however, mobile devices...

Telemedicine and Virtual Kiosks in Pharmacies and Grocery Stores

In yet another example of the changing face of healthcare delivery in this country, telemedicine is now being offered as a convenience to patients in kiosks which are situated in pharmacies, grocery stores, and other commonly visited venues. The services offered are...

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