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The team at Pioneer Technology connects providers with clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations. We have a large network of clinics, providers and consultants through the process of seeing patients online.

We have coverage for Telemed Physicians for lab work orders, DME consults, non-emergent consultations and specialty encounters. We comprise a network of physicians in all the 50 states and do the credentialing and carry mal-practice.

If you work at a facility that requires cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you!
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If you are a provider looking to practice online health care through telehealth, we are here to explain the laws and details of Technology. If you are unsure about where to start, Pioneer Telemedicine would love to help you!

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Your Virtual Healthcare Staffing Solution

If you work at a facility that needs cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you. We comprise a large network of clients and providers across the country.

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We staff licensed and credentialed medical providers across specialties.
If you would like to accrue benefits of staffing Telemedicine providers, get in touch with us today!

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What is the Difference Between Telemedicine and Telehealth?

Up to the present time, the terms telemedicine and telehealth have often been used on an interchangeable basis, but it has become clear that different meanings are becoming associated with the two more and more. Strictly speaking, telemedicine refers to making use of...

Treatment of Chronic Diseases Using Telemedicine

One of the best ways that telemedicine can be put to use is in facilitating needed care for patients who suffer from chronic diseases. Since the symptoms associated with chronic diseases tend to recur for long periods of time, it becomes important that a patient’s...

How to Acquire Access to Telemedicine and Telehealth Services

It has never been easier to access telemedicine than it is right now, as doctors and healthcare providers all across the country are recognizing in increasing numbers, the tremendous value that it can provide to patients and to themselves. For some time now, there has...

Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine

Most analysts and professionals involved in the health delivery industry agree that there is a shift of epic proportions coming in the area of virtual care and telemedicine, and that it will profoundly influence how healthcare is delivered in this country. One of the...

What is a Telemedicine Physician Network and How Does it Work?

The tantalizing premise of telemedicine has always been to provide a more convenient and accessible means of delivering healthcare, to patients who were unable or unwilling to make in-person office visits with their doctor. For a long time, however, the very exciting...

Telemedicine for Cancer Genetic Counseling and Testing

A study conducted in 2017 at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center has demonstrated that genetic counseling and testing carried out via telemedicine can achieve results for breast and ovarian cancer patients, which are comparable to sessions conducted...

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