How Telemedicine Helps Revolutionize Dermatology

Telemedicine has seen true growth in just a few years where even complex evaluations, such as those for diabetes patients and those for patients who require psychiatric treatment, can get a medical professional’s opinion no matter the location of the person being examined.[1]

Advances in the medical world have made it possible for people to see doctors through virtual visits. These days, dermatologists can efficiently and quickly see their patients through teleconferencing. Dermatologists have been searching for ways to expand their practices. With the combined power of electronics, technology, and their expertise, they can offer telemedicine consultations, including to those from remote locations.

How Telemedicine Benefits Dermatologists and Patients

Aside from the clear benefit of examining underserved populations, the use of telemedicine in dermatology allows for streamlined patient flow. It also increases the ability of the dermatologist to gain more revenue while providing service to patients in several areas, not just the nearby ones.

For patients, they always appreciate the convenience of seeing their doctors from home without having to drive to the dermatologist’s office or spend hours waiting. They can set up a virtual visit on demand rather than waiting for a consultation. This makes it easier for them to add dermatological care right into their schedules.

Those who are constantly busy as well as those who live in remote areas find telemedicine the most beneficial. Patients who are housebound can get dermatology service and recommendations without needing to leave home for an in-person consultation. At the same time, dermatologists also enjoy the reduced expenditures and time spent on commuting to their offices.

The Long-Awaited Innovation

A few decades ago, no one would have thought dermatology and telehealth could be compatible with each other. Diagnosing a skin problem is traditionally not performed

online. However, dermatology is among the branches of medicine that are actually suited for this transition.[2]

Telemedicine is a promising step for dermatology, and its rising prominence made it possible for patients to seek medical care management through remote exams and online diagnoses. The use of teleservices has increased through the help of telemedicine schools as well.

Thanks to this innovation, medical and specialty care, especially for people who live in rural areas as well as those locations with limited access to dermatology and other specialty care, have become more accessible. They are delivered in a timely manner, and physicians and dermatologists can quickly and seamlessly communicate through online platforms.

Of course, more of these remote health care services will further improve through more studies and experience, along with knowledge about telehealth emergency laws. With dermatologists ready to see patients 24/7 for a much lower cost, online visits will definitely become more convenient and frequent.

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