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The team at Pioneer Technology connects providers with clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations. We have a large network of clinics, providers and consultants through the process of seeing patients online.

We have coverage for Telemed Physicians for lab work orders, DME consults, non-emergent consultations and specialty encounters. We comprise a network of physicians in all the 50 states and do the credentialing and carry mal-practice.

If you work at a facility that requires cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you!
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If you are a provider looking to practice online health care through telehealth, we are here to explain the laws and details of Technology. If you are unsure about where to start, Pioneer Telemedicine would love to help you!

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Your Virtual Healthcare Staffing Solution

If you work at a facility that needs cost-effective telehealth coverage, then Pioneer Technology is the answer for you. We comprise a large network of clients and providers across the country.

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We staff licensed and credentialed medical providers across specialties.
If you would like to accrue benefits of staffing Telemedicine providers, get in touch with us today!

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Telehealth and Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

Efforts to Reduce Hospital Readmissions in the United States In the United States, hospitalization accounts for over 30 percent of all health care spending.[1] With the federal government focused on cutting down mounting medical costs, efforts to reduce hospital...

The Use of Drones for Telemedicine Delivery

The use of drones for telemedicine delivery is genius. Electronics have a huge role in health care. Because of the internet, virtual visits from a doctor are now possible. Apps on mobile devices and wearables that can help track health are a great way to experience a...

Parity Laws and Reimbursement for Telemedicine Services

Why Discrepancies and Inconsistencies With Parity Laws Present a Challenge for Telemedicine There are many potential benefits[1] for patients who have access to remote medical care, also known as telemedicine. While this technology can make medical care management...

Telehealth: A Strategy for Decreasing Emergency Room Visits

With a smartphone or a tablet, it has become quite easy for patients to get medical attention right in their living rooms. Telemedicine supports medical care management by giving doctors the ability to meet with patients virtually using modern electronics and...

Veteran’s Services and Telemedicine Expand Access to Healthcare

Telemedicine is a type of medical electronics for the delivery of healthcare services and medical care management that allows for real-time, two-way communication between the patient and the providers [1]. A telemedicine school often functions as the originating or...

Funding Health Care Delivery Through Telehealth Grants

Telehealth grants provide a funding source for developing telehealth services, telemedicine schools and demonstration models. The grants can spur innovative applications of existing communications technology. The use of electronics in medical care management is...

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